#SMFlashBook – My Best Tip for Building the Service Catalog - Baby Steps to the Service Catalog

While there are many drivers for the implementation of a Service Catalog, in my experience I find that there are two keys which I would start with.

Scope and Perspective

From a project perspective, scope has to be clearly defined if we are ever going to reach our deployment target. Let’s face it there are many things which will contribute to scope creep, so having something solid is critical. The scope for Service Catalog is to, oddly enough, catalog services. But within the scope we need to define what the service is before anything else. It is possible that the journey to define services has an underlying initiative to introduce SLA’s but you have to crawl before you can run 

While perspective might not be on the list of things to review, I find that it needs to be considered before beginning to avoid any potential repeating pitfalls we might have experienced in the past. Perspective may have a few fundamental components

Have we tried this before? If so what happened?
If we have attempted this is in the past we need to identify what didn’t work so that the same mistakes are not repeated. Sounds like a no brainer but repeating issues happens all the time. Stakeholders in both IT and the Business may have some reservations regarding the success of this newest attempt and might ask WIIFM (What’s in it for me)

We also need to ensure that we communicate and keep all stakeholders, whether they are IT or Business, informed on the progress we are making. I have seen countless projects of all types start out with a big bang and then the communication fizzle begins. Drive some excitement about this initiative and gain some momentum around that

What is a service really?
It may be in the infancy of these projects that IT assumes that they know what a service is and that they then can create the service catalog around it. The challenge here is that there may be a difference in the understanding of the defined services. You may never make it simple enough but a clear definition from the onset when discussing the services with the business if critical. This ultimately ties back into your scope

Overall starting the implementation on the right foot will allow you to position IT to provide exception services for your business.

But this is just the beginning…..


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