Friday, 23 January 2015

Time Well Spent - Top ITSM Blogs

There are plenty of places to get your fill on service management content. There are some larger sites such as the ITSM Review, analytical outfits and course vendors, however I always like to visit a few blogs which I can get a more personal experience.

Here are some of my personal favorites in no particular order:

Great blog from across the pond by James Finister. Really enjoy the SIAM content here

A great place to get an honest assessment of what is going on from Rob England

Another staple of any ITSM diet should include a visit to Barclay Rae’s blog always full of sound advice

Always full of well-rounded information, I check into Greg Sanker’s blog regularly

Kengon always has really good input and sage advice for all things service management

Mika Salo is able to explain content easily with a wide degree of topics

For all things Business Relationship Management this is a must read for sure

In tight economic times a trip to Daniel Breston’s blog to get a dose of “Lean” is just what you need

This site has a wide variety of contributors who have a wealth of insight and information

No collection of ITSM writers would be complete without a visit to Stuart Rance’s site – let’s face it

If IT Governanace is what you are looking for Mark Thomas great information to read

There are many more, please feel free to share them with me

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