Service Management Vendor Profile: TOPdesk - Nancy Van Elsacker

I was recently afforded the opportunity to speak with Nancy Van Elsacker, President TOPdesk USA.

Tell me about your service management journey which got you to TOPdesk
Nancy has a Human Resources background and in 2007 joined TOPdesk to establish the Belgium office until this year when she made her way to the sunny shores of Florida to perform the same activity in the American market space.

A little background on TOPdesk
Currently TOPdesk is looking to expand into the Americas. Since its beginnings in 1992 in the Netherlands this company has grown into a global provider of ITSM software. Currently 4000 organizations use TOPdesk with over 5000 implementations worldwide with offices in UK, USA, the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Brazil and Hungary.

While their location is close to the university, one of their strategies in all the offices it to work closely with graduates and to collaborate with them.

Tell me a bit about the application itself
Service management software tool originally for IT to manage core processes however as a need for use external to IT had become apparent they started looking at shared service management capabilities including, but not limited to, Facilities and Human Resources. Nance had indicated that while many companies who are using the tool for IT bridge into other departments but there are also clients who are using this from shared services as a beginning.

Some of the key functionality for non IT departments are similar to IT in that service is provided and can be easily handled by the application.

From a client perspective what sized company is optimal for TOPdesk
While there is a diversity of clients, the mid-market encompasses the majority of the clients which TOPdesk supports. They believe this is largely due to their corporate vision around standard software as well as their slogan which is “service management simplified”.

The Corporate Vision
At TOPdesk their vision is all about keeping things simple to enhance the customer experience. This centers around being standard and simple. That they engage their suppliers as well and focusing on shared Service Management

The key is to ensure that not only the user experience is good for people who are interfacing with IT but also the operators who are providing support using TOPdesk

Is there a prime client space?
While there are clients in all verticals, Higher Education, Government, Retail and Healthcare are some of the prime client spaces as well many others

What is the differentiator for this product vs. its competitors?
The thing that Nancy says that sets them apart is that they have a collaborative model of being partners with their clients. They also have a high focus on customer experience

What’s in the works for TOPdesk in the next year?
TOPdesk currently has two releases per year which focuses on integration points and flexibility within the software.

Aside from establishing the office in Florida this year the plan is to look at other geographic regions within the US and Canada

You can find TOPdesk at all the major ITSM events coming up including Pink, HDI, itSMF and Fusion as well as the following online and social media platforms:
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