Service Management Vendor Profile: Landesk - Matt Hooper

I had the good fortune of touching base with Matthew Hooper, Product Evangelist - Service Management / DevOps, to talk about his recent move to Landesk.

Tell me about your service management journey which got you to Landesk
For those who have not crossed paths with Matt in the service management space he is a highly experienced and collaborative subject matter expert in service management. Part of Matt’s new role at Landesk is to generate some product buzz by speaking at events, blogging and leveraging social media. This enables him to channel his passion for what he already does within the service management community which seems to be a natural fit for both Landesk and Matt.

When speaking with Matt he said he knew the moment that this was a great company to work with when he could hear genuine excitement about the company from the discussions he had with employees on various levels.

A little background on Landesk
Landesk is a global company which has its head office situated in Salt Lake City Utah. The company prides itself on its ability to provide an end-to-end service management solution which can be leveraged by all types of clients on a multitude of devices in the simplest manner possible.

Tell me a bit about the application itself
The IT service management component is one of five components which makes up the “Total User Management (TUM) suite of applications including:

While these applications can be implemented separately, the value in combining components can further improve service delivery. The service catalog is just one the many highly rated (Gartner Magic Quadrant) features in the service management application which can be enhanced in this manner.

Is there a prime client space?
With approximately 10000 clients in all verticals, clients come I all shapes and sizes. Going back to its origins Landesk has a considerable service management application footprint in the UK and Europe. With scalability in mind Landesk is able to accommodate companies from any size which allows teams to be able to focus on working with their business to achieve business outcomes.

What is the differentiator for this product vs. its competitors?
The theme of the discussion that I had with Matt kept coming back to the fact that the prime objective for Landesk is to allow people to provide service in its simplest terms. The key is having an application which is not only easy to use, but has a low overhead on configuration.

“I want to get things done – just drag and drop it”.

As most of us can attest this is the baseline for simplifying any team’s ability to make iterative and long lasting service improvements.

What’s in the works for Landesk in the next year?
There are quite a few things in the works for Landesk in the coming year. Continuing to place focus on mobile devices to facilitate work and further simplify the user experience. After experiencing success with service management within IT, Landesk is also looking to provide shared services outside of IT with the same level of insight and ability to provide service to their teams as well.

Aside from its own Interchange15, which just wrapped up this week, you can find Landesk at all the major ITSM events coming up including SITS UK, Gartner and Fusion to name a few.

You can also engage with them on the following social media platforms:

Web          LinkedIn          Twitter          Facebook

Thanks again to Matt and Landesk for affording me the time to connect!

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