Service Management Vendor Profile: InvGate

Recently I was able to connect with Jaemes McArthur, Director Business Development, and Ariel Gesto, Founder and Chief Evangelist of InvGate

Tell me about your service management journey which got you to InvGate

Ariel Gesto, founder of InvGate, envisioned a world where mid-sized organizations could “get ahead of their competitors by using cutting edge IT management tools that incorporated the latest consumer User Experience with the power of Enterprise solutions.”

Having an entrepreneurial spirit, Ariel realized that there was a need for a service desk application that was simple to use but also powerful in its capabilities, so in 2008 founded InvGate, whose head office resides in Buenos Aries.

Since that time InvGate has grown steadily though-out the South and Central American region and developed a dominant presence. Expanding into the USA and Europe in 2013, InvGate was selected to join Endeavor, a development network for high impact entrepreneurs, which acted as a spring board for continued growth internationally. Currently InvGate has more than 500 clients spread throughout South and Central America, the USA, Europe, South Africa and Australia. Key clients include Nike, Toyota, NEC, PWC, GE, Fresenius, Metlife and Manpower.

Tell me a bit about the application itself

InvGate currently offer two solutions, InvGate Service Desk and InvGate Asset Management which are closely integrated to create a powerful IT Service Management solution.

InvGate Assets Management:

InvGate Assets is an all-in-one IT Asset Management tool that allows IT teams to audit, configure, and control all devices connected to a their network in a remote and centralized way.

InvGate Service Desk:

InvGate Service Desk is a web-based ITIL ready solution with an unprecedented user experience. Offering Incident, Problem, Change, Asset & Knowledge processes, Service Desk provides unmatched collaboration between users, powerful automation and smart ticket management.

Key features include 100% code-free configuration, drag-and-drop graphical workflow builder, business analytics reporting and custom dashboards to name a few.

Is there a prime client space?

InvGate’s solutions have been particularly successful in the Retail, Education and Technology verticals. In the ITAM and SAM market they have a similar distribution, but also are focused in Financial Services, Insurance and Manufacturing.

What is the differentiator for this product vs. its competitors?

Beyond merely the application itself, some differentiators they identified included:

What’s in the works for InvGate in the next year?

InvGate’s new Business Intelligence solution will be strongly orientated towards viewing IT infrastructure in the context of Business Services, employing advanced automation to drastically cut implementation and maintenance workload. In keeping with the philosophy of simplification, the goal is to provide easy access to the relevant and actionable information IT departments need to minimize risk, control change and generate greater value for the business.

To connect with InvGate you can reach them on the following social media platforms:

Online at

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Twitter @invgate

Thanks again to Ariel, Jaemes and InvGate for affording me the time to connect!

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