Basic ITIL as Dr Seuss

I recently read a post from Aprill Allen posing the challenge to wax lyrical for ITIL in Seuss-speak.

Dr Seuss Challenge

Here is my attempt.

You have thoughts in your head
You have shoes on your feet
Now you must decide on what objectives to meet.

You’re all by yourself and you know what you know,
And now you’ll decide on the direction to go.

Using ITIL you figure, will help you along,
IT has heard it, like a repetitive song

For service providers in a wide range of roles
But you must be careful not to fall down the holes.

With loads of processes, the guidance is good
Yoda might say ‘Align business objectives you should’.

To improve service delivery is initially desired,
No magic or any hocus pocus is required.

Remember that tools wont always fix what you need
Governance and people are important indeed.

After all of the books and white papers you find
Reach out to your community to get out of a bind.

Work with your business and soon you will see
That a better positioned IT group you'll be.

Based on Dr. Suess “Oh the Places You’ll Go

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