Service Management Profile: SysAid

I recently had the good fortune of connecting with Sarah Lahav, CEO at SysAid to discuss their application and service management.

Tell me about the service management journey for SysAid
With its headquarters located in Tel Aviv, SysAid was founded in 2002 by Israel Lifshitz who believed that there was an opportunity to help IT change things to provide a better customer experience. Since then SysAid has expanded to 5 global offices to accommodate its customer base.

Tell me a bit about the application itself
One of the draws for SysAid, as Sarah explained, was its ability to provide a multitude of tools to support business needs while keeping things simple. Their goal is to provide an excellent user experience while taking away the complications of providing service. Being scalable, SysAid is able to provide service on premise or in the cloud with various editions which suits your particular business needs.

Is there a prime client space?
With a large global footprint, SysAid supports a diverse selection of companies large and small from various streams of business in more than 140 countries. In other words, SysAid is scalable enough to be used by all companies for their service delivery needs.

What is the differentiator for this product vs. its competitors?
SysAid believes that it’s all about people. While it may be implied that being people focussed relies on building relationships, SysAid commits to discussing with the clients what challenges they face while really listening to what the business needs. While these seem like obvious statements, it is a principal that SysAid takes to heart and leverages all the way through to their own research and development to make their own continual service improvements.

From a technical perspective, for those who are looking to make improvements and not knowing where to start, SysAid has a benchmarking capability. This allows them to share information about what metrics might look like for similar organizations and lines of business so their clients can get a better sense of metrics within their current operation.
It is in this collaborative spirit that SysAid provides services such as blogs, training, free webinars and a global community with not only its customers but potential customers as well.

What’s in the works for SysAid in the next year?
A new mobile asset management add on complete with barcode scanning functionality  was developed to facilitate asset management and track inventory right from your mobile device.

Another feature of note is the Bomgar integration which will allow remote sessions to be opened right from the incidents which are being investigated.

In addition to what SysAid is doing, you can see SysAid at the following upcoming events:

To connect with SysAid you can reach them on the following social media platforms:

Online at
Twitter @sysaid

Thanks again to Sarah and SysAid for affording me the time to connect!

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