Service Management Vendor Profile: Boss

Recently I was able to connect with Michael Curran, Director Business Development at BOSS

Tell me about the service management journey for BOSS
BOSS (Business Oriented Software Solutions, Inc.) is a global infrastructure management firm specializing in Service Desk, IT Lifecycle Management, comprehensive Asset Management, IT Best Practices and Software Solutions.
Based in Atlanta Georgia, BOSS began as a group of consultants on the 1990’s who had a client which was looking to perform an asset audit. It was here that they built out the capability in an application which started as an asset management tool and grew into the service management tool that it has become today.

Tell me a bit about the application itself
BOSS Support Central is the suite which has Service Desk, Asset Management and Computer Management modules. While the majority of customers install this suite there is an ability to implement single modules based on customer needs.

Is there a prime client space?
The large majority of BOSS’ clients are in the United States and Canada with 50% of them in local state or government operations. Aside from this majority many of their other clients are also highly regulated companies in the health care and public sector.

What is the differentiator for this product vs. its competitors?
One of the key differences from its competitors is the licensing model it leverages. In addition to its subscription and perpetual licensing scheme, there is also the ability to have unlimited and unrestricted licenses as it applies to both users as well as assets in the system. This functionality is particularly important to organizations who are looking at growth, not only from IT but as well as extending the service management capability to the rest of the enterprise.

What’s in the works for InvGate in the next year?
While many of the current customers have BOSS on premise, they will be looking to offer a SaaS solution in Q1 of 2016. In addition to always looking to improve on current capability they are also in the final testing phase of a OS deployment and imaging capability

To connect with BOSS you can reach them on the following social media platforms:
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Twitter @BOSS2U

Thanks again to Michael and BOSS for affording me the time to connect!

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