Service Management Vendor Profile: SunView Software

Recently I was able to connect with Martin Grobisen, Product Marketing Manager of SunView Software.

Tell me about your service management journey for SunView Software
As Martin Grobisen outlined, this was a cyclical path. Based in Tampa Florida, the company began as a group of Citrix employees who were initially looking at the change management process. As a result of this investigative look ‘Change Gear Service Desk Platform’ was developed. More recently Sun View has started to take a more enterprise look at what is possible and where they could help beyond the initial scope of IT with lines of business. A great example of this is the onboarding process. Despite IT’s typical view that we need to provision computers, phones and peripherals this process has many other components such as HR (hiring) Finance (accounting) Facilities (office space). To complete this circle the company then sees the big picture and the focus comes back to change.

Tell me a bit about the application itself
Sunview prides itself on how it leads the industry in change management. They find that particularly now in times when terms like agile and devops are readily used we, as organizations, need to position ourselves to facilitate that ability to govern changes and prepare to be scallable not only to business needs but to be able to meet regulatory requirements.

Is there a prime client space?
While the verticals that leverage SunView software are diverse, they have been particularly successful in the mid-market enterprise but since application has such a highly regarded change management component many highly regulated businesses including finance, energy and health care gravitate to this application.

What is the differentiator for this product vs. its competitors?
One of many features of note is that the dashboards are incredibly visual. With all people in mind the ability to view data and make good sense and ultimately decisions is simplified by easy to read dashboards.

Another important feature, particularly to growing companies is the scalability of the application itself. Teams are able to leverage more process and functionality as it makes sense to their operational need.
The underlying theme is that this application is also very simple to use in both an operational capacity as well as an ability to configure leveraging the single platform model.

What’s in the works for SunView in the next year?
Looking forward to the next year SunView is working on furthering capabilities as it pertains to change and devops. More exciting changes are coming up so stayed tuned

To connect with SunView Software you can see them at Gartner I&O Summit in June, TIG in Australia in August and at Fusion15 this fall. You can also connect with them on the following social media platforms:

Online at
Twitter @SunViewSoftware

Thanks again to Martin Grobisen and SunView Software for affording me the time to connect!

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