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In the sixth module of the BRMP training from ITSM Zone I was introduced to Provider Domain Knowledge. One of the topics which it deals with specifically is Service Management. What some might find interesting (and some not) is that it refers to ISO/IEC 20000 for a definition of a service, which states “A means of delivering value to customers by facilitating outcomes customers want to achieve without the ownership of specific costs and risks.”

The important thing to note is that services are co-created. Unlike products which are physically delivered and made from raw materials, services are dynamic interactions between a customer and a service provider. This concept of co-creation is one of the reasons that business relationship management is required.

Notice the phrase “interactions between a customer and a service provider”

This is important because we need to improve the relationships with those provide service to if we are going to position ourselves as trusted partners down the road. This is more like a marathon than a race so we continually need to work on building trust as we provide exceptional service over time.

All this is good but while you are working to achieve business outcomes it will be the business who will ultimately determine if the service you are providing is valuable. In some cases where metrics are more subjective, let’s say for customer perception of value, this is a bit trickier and not something that can be as easily measured on a graph. In my opinion this is where business relationship management shines.

The key for the business relationship manager is to understand that the value is not defined by the provider. This is where we as providers may have failed in the past. The value is determined by the customer who is looking for a mix of features including objectives which are not always financially driven. We also must be scalable to change, since the value that customer is looking for likely will change over time and around varying circumstances.

If you have read any of the other posts from my series on the BRMP training you are starting to see a theme. We, whether we are BRM’s, service management practitioners or some other role are working with the business to really understand what they need and actually live in that relationship state.

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