Change Management – What not to hear at CAB

Week after week the Change Manager in your organization hears all the excuses for why details may be lacking in your change records. Here is a lighthearted look at a few of my favorites, why we continue to see them and the remedies for what ails them

Need a longer rope? – Avoiding Service Management Pitfalls

At some point a need has been identified to implement or review some component of service management within your organization. I will take you on a journey outlining areas where I had some challenges, how I overcame them and what I learned from the experiences

TFT Winter 2014 - What the Hell is IT Doing?

It's Monday and you are on the elevator with some key figures in the business. Initially there is uncomfortable silence which is backed by a Muzak version of AC/DC's TNT. About half way up one of them says to the other "I have been having challenges with one of our core applications; it just doesn't deliver like IT said it would". The other replies "I know right, what the Hell does IT do?"

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